Astro Inferno

Created by Haxan Studios

A beyond Grim Dark TTRPG of Epic violence & Fantastic despair.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Ov Satanic Administration and the Future of Hell
4 days ago – Tue, Dec 05, 2023 at 02:07:16 PM


Shipping has been charged for most backers. There’s still about 170 backers where the card either has been declined or whose bank doesn't like unknown withdrawals and need some kind of confirmation. Administration is pure hell and I haven’t got around to finishing all the stuff I meant to last week because of it. IF you haven’t got a mail about cards being charged or noticed any weird Haxan withdrawals, please check the backerkit pledge manager and see that your pledge is green. If it looks like this you probably have to do something about it.

If you lost your pledge manager link visit to get a new one. We continuously try to recharge cards about once a week, and if you update your card, Stripe automatically charges the updated card.

Blind testers are currently checking out the Core edition pdf and most of the Satanic Journal and all backers with charged cards will get access to all 377 pages of it this weekend. Hopefully on Friday so you’ll have the whole weekend to deep dive into Fracture. But no promises, with my luck it’ll be Monday before you get it, so don’t get your hopes up!

This first backer preview will be distributed through backerkits digital download platform. Once we have the finished pdf it’ll be shared through instead.

I still haven’t finished reworking all the images for the Legendary version but I’m working on it as fast as I can. But I have the page count and have sent the order to the printers and when I get an answer on my slot, I know more exactly when the books will be ready – and my deadline for final editing and print layout.

What happens next you might wonder? What will Astro Inferno evolve into post launch?

This is not anything clear cut or finished, but visions and aspirations of Haxan.

Roll20 - Basic starting set with character sheet, some tokens and tiles to use as well as an awesome starting page. If this pans out we might expand upon it and also add other platforms to the list.
Free materials - Adventures, inspirational bits, nuggets of gold. Not sure how it’ll be distributed, but I think we’ll rebuild the homepage to house an Astro Coven section, with official and player made materials.
Seasonal materials - Smaller chunks of material with a certain theme. Locations, adventures, creature manuals and so on. This will be paywalled in some way, maybe patreon or some sort of microtransactions. €6.66
Official larger releases - We have a lot of material on the cutting room floor that didn’t fit into the core book and the plan is to illustrate these and release them in some kind of digital format.

Also we’re dying to dive deeper into certain sections of the lore. Here’s some stuff I would love to make into guidebooks.

- The Desolate Heavens - What is heaven really like after the downfall of satan, his Rapture, the following Damnation and the Great Dark?
- The True Unlight - Could you play as True Unlight characters, with powers larger than gods, where the life of souls are mere currency in transactions of pain and misery.
- The Genesis - What the fuck is up with those machines? Why are they lovecraftian horrors and who really is behind it all?
- The Beyond - Ok, souls die if they ever see it from pure chock, but what is it? And why isn’t it part of Fracture, everything seems to be right? Well not all is what it seems and there’s more than Dream, Myth and Creation in this Omniverse.

Smaller subjects that might be explored include in any of the above materials are, but is not limited to:
The Omnium order and more chronicles and Liturgies
The Derelict Hells - More in depth looks at some of the old hells
The Eternals and their lairs
The Worm Gods and their lairs
Serpents and the secret of Satan

Holding my hand – the throneroom of day-father – Great God of the White halls, in the 2nd Heaven he shines like a moon upon my face

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

- My Favorite things

FINAL SUMMON - Fill Survey - update credit card information
21 days ago – Sat, Nov 18, 2023 at 05:23:12 AM


1. If you have not yet filled out your address in backerkit we urge you to do that as soon as possible. We're locking orders Monday – For real!

2. If you are aware you have changed your credit card information in the last year or so, check your backerkit survey, in case you have the old credit card registered there.

3. If you have bought the Legendary Edition or Holy Diver bundle and want to change the entry of your Legendary credit (default is the name you entered in the survey) send your alteration in a mail to: [email protected]

This is the final reminder!
We're locking orders Monday 20th November
- No changing or adding add ons after that.

We're charging cards Monday 27th November - After this date, the products will be
unavailable at the Kickstarter prices, and regular price points will be introduced.

Core Edition (364+ pages) ~€55
Legendary Edition (380+ pages) ~€69
Tarot of the Inertial Star

Other add-ons will also experience price changes to some degree.

The layout of the Core edition is DONE! ALL the images are DONE! (Pagination and credits are still in progress!

After the 27th we’ll be starting to roll out pdf’s to all backers and you are very welcome to try it out, proofread and check for problems, errors, and issues!

I’m currently working on the Legendary Edition and it looks awesome! It is the edition that is closest to my heart. Even if I love the sparkling colors of the core edition, there is just something with the dark, gritty, desaturated look – whispering to me, haunting my very soul.

I see I sometimes miss comments here and messages on facebook or emails. If you have reached out to me and not gotten an answer, try sending a message on kickstarter, I think that is the best way to get an answer quickly!

Just some images from the final layout, and some of the storytelling capabilities of the Tarot, for those of you who are on the verge of adding this premium collectible at the introductory price! Remember we lock orders in two days, on Monday!

The Hesperian death gods – whispering lullabies of execution – a forest huge of bloody blades – the Phlegra of The Dark Ark, awaiting your summon

Stars shine brighter
Yet heavy lies the crown
Distant still clutching
In the blackness of it all
And the candle burns out
As I touch your heart
For treading the footsteps
Of many sorrows passed

And I yearn for the sun to set
For the curtain to fall
This is all I am
All I have
– Heavy lies the Crown

Ov the Final Seal & the End of Days
about 1 month ago – Wed, Nov 01, 2023 at 08:05:26 AM

FIRST - Finish your backerkit Survey!
November - Just as the Great Earl Andromalious admired the worm god Life and seeked to reveal its secrets, we now enter a lair of pure unknowns. When all our efforts will be put to test in a final confrontation.

94% of backers have finished their survey, we need this to be closer to 100% before locking orders so we urge you to go finish your survey as soon as possible. We’ll be sending reminders several times this week and even more often next week, to you who have not yet finished it.

When we are satisfied with the backerkit survey completions, we’ll lock the orders and after that you won’t be able to add any add-ons or make changes to your orders (you can change address though). After we’ve locked the orders we’ll give you a heads up of about a week or two and then we’ll be charging cards. All this will be accompanied by a set of reminders so that you always will stay informed of what is happening and when.

Preliminary dates
Locking orders: November 13
Charging Cards: November 27

After we’ve charged cards we are going to start sharing pdfs and digital content to backers more freely since these are shared through Backerkit’s pledge manager.

The layout is finally done! All of Book I, II and III are set. Still making some last minute adjustments, but for the first time the whole book is in one package. Here I’ll share a graph of the final development and I will update this as we go into production also, keeping you all in the loop. When everything has gone black it’s time!

Last time I considered telling you a launch estimation was “probably not June”. Afraid of meeting the same fate again I have refrained from giving you any dates or time estimations since. Now I can at least give you a hopeful timeline of the final stretch of this project.

- Finishing the Legendary Edition layout
- Finalizing all print files for books and add-ons

- Sending all physical products to the printers
- Finalizing all digital add-ons

- Shipping

I’m currently short 7-8 images and I work like a beast right now to finish some of the best images I’ve created period. Many of you have expressed that you miss the atmosphere of the removed AI images. I understand that sentiment since my previous images often had a comic or “anime” style and the removed images had a high suggestive and chaotic feeling which resonates with the dark and ominous feel of the game.

But this summer while creating/reworking about 50-60 images I’ve started to experiment more and more with the “painting” style that Helge C Balzers images and many of the removed images shared, and I hope at least some of you will appreciate my attempt at the finer arts and making my style more dark and chaotic.

"Awake, ye spirits of Pandemonium; reclaim the throne long usurped."

When the priest comes to read me the last rites
Take a look through the bars at the last sights
of a world that has gone very wrong for me

Can it be that there's some sort of error?
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end, not some crazy dream?
/Hallowed Be Thy Name

Ov the Nine depths of hell and the Fourteen gardens of heaven
2 months ago – Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 02:02:30 PM


Layout is 99% done, I’m doing the last pages of the Satanic Journal and I expect to be finished by next week, when I plan to dive deep into the blind testing and apply any changes we feel are appropriate to the layout or content. Much of this has been done to streamline and somewhat simplify the character creation. Character creation is fairly simple, but there are a lot of steps you have to go through and different mechanics that apply and it can get confusing, at least the first time, so it’s important to get it right in the book.

We’re actually inserting a light version of the character mechanics, which can be used as a more basic version of the rules. This is mostly for players who want a more stripped down version of Astro, but will be compatible with the regular rules. The idea is that you should be able to pick and choose what you want to use in your games. This also works great as a quickstart version for new players, who can start out with the light version and create a 10 minute character and if they want they can later add more resources as their games/characters progress.

In this last month, we’re looking for more blind testers who want to devote an evening or two, to give feedback, find any irregularities and help make the final game better. Send an email to [email protected] and ask to be a blind tester! We’re also dedicating a channel and channel role at the discord for blind testers (not done yet, but will be soon), so they can share their thoughts and discuss their experiences with other blind testers.

The time to close the pledge manager and charging cards draws near. I’m pretty confident that we’re going to charge cards late October/November and I’ll probably send you a couple of reminders, in case you have to update addresses and so on.

After the pledge manager closes we’re going into full scale production! As for the contents the Core edition will be about 350 pages instead of the promised 220 and the Legendary edition about 15-20 pages more. The Satanic Journal is somewhere around 30-35 pages and has been updated a lot since my initial idea about it. It’ll be a great GM and character creation reference, with loads of reference tables and “shortcuts” for the GM as well as inspiration while playing.


Astro Inferno is set in the satanic space, a Fractured world. A dreamworld of sorts where the false creation or reality is blended with myths and dreams. Most souls here are damned souls who fled from purgatory eons ago, from the true hell - the Damnation.

The fallen angels relished in the pain of tortured and dying souls. A true hell consisting only of agony and death. But something happened and the Black Emperor disappeared, a catalyst for The Great Dark. A dark age of hell, where dreams and nightmares took form and the clean perfect death machine started to grind and crumble. Fallen angels battled gods of myth and creatures of darkness and light emerged from the depths. There was darkness and chaos and damned souls fled the death factories and camps of all the nine hells and scattered like lice beneath the mighty war of the gods and angels.

The war became a feud, the feud became a strife and now the gods and angels coexist in the Fractured world that is left, in a tension filled political struggle. A grim darkness of misery and despair where dead gods and evil spirits manipulate the allegiance of the souls. Souls who live in fear, driven by their own inner demons of lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

Dreklocth, Henthral, Ylendria, Vothrelin, Skarnix, Vindvex, Zorthenon, Crinjari, Bolthrex, Narnthil, Lorfikra, Eldixyr, Xogoroth

Hey little girl wanna go for a ride? There's room and my wagon is parked right outside. We can cruise down Rober Street all night long. But I think I'll just rape you and kill you instead. Die Ann, Diane, Die Ann, Diane, Die Ann - Die Ann, Diane, Die Ann, Diane, Die Ann


Ov Caleidoscope senses and brick laying
4 months ago – Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 12:11:24 AM

Layout is 90% done. Still have the GM section and the Satanic Journal left to layout but they are pretty straight forward compared to the rest of the book. Blind testing is full go and I’ve been making smaller and larger adjustments in many many parts of the book and I feel like it is all coming together. Some parts that have felt uneven and chaotic are becoming more structured. An example is the item and gear chapters where we’ve chosen to combine certain chapters and move some tables around making it more logical and making returning players who know the basics, not having to flip around pages to generate an item or find predefined items or consumables.

All in all I feel like we’re heading in a great direction and even if it takes a lot of time, I feel like it’s the right choice, even if it means letting some fans down, delaying the game. Nobody wants this game to be a hastily put together product, we want it to be well thought out, great looking and just perfectly satanic in all its splendor.

Still have no absolute date to share with you and I’ll know better in the coming weeks when layout is finally done, how much work is left to do.

Even if layout will be done soon, there is still a bunch of correcting and adjusting left to do. If you’d like to help, you can join the blind testers to give suggestions on the material and layout. All answers are immensely helpful, going forward. Just send a mail to [email protected] and tag it with blind test and I’ll put you on the list for the next one. Currently I’m reiterating the initial blind tests for a second go and my goal is to have those out this following week.


Gear and looting is such a great and integral part of the game, I could not imagine how the game would be without it. The random element of item creation will be such a benefit for this world going forward and my ambition is to create an official site where you can share created vestiges and consumables for other groups to use.

Let’s look at grenades as an example.

If you find a grenade you roll a condition, a Tier with a 1D20 and three fragments. Lets say you have a Pulsating Excellent III Grenade with the fragments Demonic + Deafening + Radiation. The GM then uses the fragments to decide an effect. “A pulsating heart that screams with a demonic deafening voice contaminating the area with unlight radiation when exploding.” We then take a look at the grenade attributes:

It says that the damage for an excellent grenade is 1D6 or its duration is 1D6, area is Hall III and the effect is “Intense, severe demolition or distress”. We can use the rows to tweak this grenade by lowering one column by raising another.

The GM decides this is a duration grenade so we ignore the damage column, and that the duration is lingering so the timeframe is hours. We could lower the Duration to 1D4 hours and increase the area to Palace IV.

How long are the targets going deaf? 1D4 hours!
How much unlight radiation do you get in the area, 1D4 per hour?

So it’s a really simple system that will give you unlimited inspiration while providing mechanically anchored stats and we’re super hyped about getting to see what abhorrent stuff the community comes up with in all the categories, when the game is released.

The GM section of this game and the Satanic Journal will be my personal favorites and I think many GMs will use it for lots of stuff besides their intended use. Except for a sizable section with hints and tips using aspects and truths, using chock and awe, generating enemies and so on. There are also plenty of atmospheric and inspirational tools here that can be used in a variety of ways.

The location genetrix, creates a location complete with three tables including random rooms, random places, random inspiration or events within the location with three D20s.

The treasure inspiration table creates a three word treasure, relic or myth.
Graceful Pear of Snakes
Desecrated Amulet of Bone
Silver Mountain of the Goat
Floating Desert of Flesh

The Atmosphere table gives your location a quirk of some kind.. Is the castle the players just entered:
…stricken by natural disaster,
…crawling with crabs,
… snowing with petals or
… reeking of urine?

The Mythical Element table is especially useful if the GM is ill prepared and the players ask a question you have not thought about yet.

What is the book they just found about?
A Decaying Witch?
The Xeno Tree?
Exotic Mead?
The Drowned Forest?

What do the merchants want in exchange for the sword?
A “Stranded Cauldron” they lost?
Getting rid of a “Hanging Nightmare”?
Delivering something to a “Remote Banshee”?
Killing an “Unlight Titan”?

The Satanic Court and Church title tables in turn are great for generating weird and cool titles on the fly.

Purgatory Executor of the Guard
Rancid Overseer of Ceremonies
Repugnant Auditor of Slaves

Abyssal Sage
Rune Vicar
Impure Patriarch

All these tables can generate hundreds or thousands of different combinations, giving the GM instant inspiration especially as the story progresses into unknown territories.

Fetch the soiled soul, send him to the heart of hell to work in fire or do errands in the gloomy deep.

Drought makes the workers dream
Muscles and fields of green
Shovel the last few crumbs
Of generosity
Open heart, open mind, mouth, open vein

Someday the rains will come
My blistered hands tell me
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
 - Smaller and Smaller